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Join us for a retrospective look at the works of Donald Deskey
Exhibit Dates: January 6th to February 16th, 2011
Reed Gallery, Aronoff Building, DAAP University of Cincinnati
Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm

(Directions are below)

Donald Deskey, a preeminent modernist designer of the 1930s and 1940s, was recently named one of the top 20 design influences of the 20th  century by and Architectural Digest.  This acknowledgment has inspired the University of Cincinnati’s Reed Gallery, in conjunction with Deskey, the namesake company still doing business today, to bring Donald Deskey’s work to the public through an exhibit titled “Creative Conscious: The Unconstrained Mind of Donald Deskey.”

This exhibit celebrates the accomplishments of Donald Deskey through photos, stories and videos.  It highlights Donald Deskey’s work as a designer, manufacturer and innovator of brand strategy, at a time before ‘branding’ as a term or concept existed in the business world.  The show is a compilation of Deskey’s work created between 1929 and 1970, and illustrates how one man’s creative thinking continues to challenge and change the world of design.

This exhibit both captures the past and conveys a fresh, contemporary and interactive style.  Its intention is to demonstrate Deskey’s core belief that a brand is a collection of experiences and to show how that philosophy still influences branding and product design today.

We hope this exhibit will energize the design community as a whole and will inspire today’s young designers to channel Deskey’s talent and passion as they face a new century of design challenges. 



Reed Gallery
5th Floor DAAP, Room 5275
2624 Clifton Avenue (corner of Clifton Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive)
Cincinnati, OH

Click HERE for a Map to the Gallery

Street or Garage (the DAAP garage is located at the end of the DAAP driveway and accepts cash or credit upon exit)

If you park in the garage, walk up the outside stairs and cross the concrete bridge.  After you walk in the entrance, walk immediately up the stairs on your left.  You’ll see a bridge on the next floor.  The gallery is just on the other side of the bridge, room 5275.

If you have any questions, please call the Reed Gallery at 513-556-2839 or Deskey Associates at 513-721-6800.